Thursday, May 27, 2004

A little boy's birthday

For all those who are wondering why today is so bright and nice, I have the answer .. and it is really simple, I wonder why u didn't get it .. Today is the birthday of someone dear to me, someone dear to nature. So the nature is celebrating .. The world is happy today because in a day just like this eleven years ago this boy came to the world.
Can a universe so huge and so old notice something so little and so young? Not to mention celebrating? Does the universe notice us? Care to our special events and little children's birthdays? Please note that I'm talking about the universe not God, don't confuse.
It certainly seems to me that it does care today, it seems that it opened it's 10000-billion-years-long calendar, and looked up the day 27/5/1993, and found it written down in golden letters : today a little boy was born.
I wonder how many times this little ,but powerful, sentence was written ? How many times during a mortal day, or a year, or the whole history, was written in golden letters that today the most special kid (boy or girl) was born ? And how many times was it written that the universe's most special kid has died returned to God ? Also in golden letters.
well all of that doesn't make my little boy less special to the universe or to me.
bye for now and happy birthday to him, my special one.