Thursday, December 29, 2005

Little Jesus

Little Jesus #1

he was simply bored, have nothing special to do and his older brother is asleep and he cant make any noise or else. So he decided to call me just to spend sometime
little Jesus likes to talk very much .. We can spend ours on the phone chatting on pure nonsense, and sure enough ! Next time I looked on the clock more than 40 mins have passed while this little guy is still on the phone talking and talking about everything and nothing in particular, cars .. the school .. his friends and the stuff they do .. the girl next doors .. cars again, him cutting his hair (or not cutting it) .. his brother ... cars again ....
finally I gave up, I asked him if he would like to go out if he is so bored, he immediately agreed ! I asserted "but you must take the permission of you parents first" he answered that they are already asleep so what is the point ?!

Little Jesus #2

I made a habit of dropping by the school whenever I manage to, after the school day is over all boys go out, I see little Jesus going down the stairs among other boys as they go out after the school day has finished, when he sees me an expression is drawn on his face, it is definitely a sort of a smile, but also to the unaware can't be a smile .. as if he actively decides to not to smile, but his cute face betrays him any way. he approaches me and just stands there lifting his arms a small unnoticable fraction getting ready to be held up by me. He is a small boy but heavy because of the back bag he is carrying .. asking him to leave it before holding him would be wrong, would break the simplicity and silence of the ritual, I one tried it and it ruined every thing .. so I carry him with all that extra weigh uncomplaining, how can I complain ? I can't complain, I'm as happy as I can be
I hold little Jesus, so young and small, I hug and kiss him, then I hug him more and more. as if silence is necessary to keep the ritual right, he hardly says any thing, only he answers when I demand his speech by saying things like "I love you" or "I miss you" and even then the answer is an unsatisfyingly short "me too" but however enough to fill my ears with little Jesus' sweet voice
Now the magical moment have passed, I must put him down and back to the world, me also must go on ...

Little Jesus #3

little Jesus is way ahead of me ! When we are alone together, He is the adult and I'm the child. Me always wanting, always needing but he is just cool and easy. With an everlasting smile and a warm attitude.somehow he is always teasing someone or being teased by someone. I just stand in wonder amazed by this little personality. And he loves me ! And I love him too, too much, too strong, I want to hold little Jesus and never let go, I want him to be the best and happiest person in the world.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Too busy to post something but this must not pass without saying


Thursday, December 22, 2005

by Allah's will

I received a mail from a Muslim friend of mine today, We are planning to meet each other in someplace at a certain time, so he tells me that he will be there 'by Allah's will'. In Egypt, we use the Arabic equivalent 'en sha2 allah' all the time, I use it all the time, it is considered politeness and common-sense. An assertion of a fact that u have made your plans but it is not absolute, there is always a chance of it not happening. For me it is just a social expression, no more .. no less. no need to get theological debate about it.

But somehow the English equivalent that my friend used stroke me as odd. Although it is an accurate and correct translation of the arguably most used Arabic expression in the Egyptian daily life, it seems too alien to me. Too strange. It gives me a chilling impression of a mighty god called 'Allah' that have nothing to do but to stop small plans simply because he can.

Somehow I can now understand why many westerners non-Muslims have this dark image about Islam, most western culture have no equivalent for 'en sha2 allah' so when they stumble upon such expressions they don't really get the true meaning of it (the social one). This is only partly their fault, and partly Muslims fault for they do a poor job handling such situations.

IMHO the worst thing Muslims do when addressing the western culture is when using the word 'Allah' instead of 'God'. This leaves the impression that Islam worships a strange god named 'Allah', How many realize that Allah is the exact and lateral translation of God, that if you open the dictionary you will find God=Allah, that the Arabic version of the bible uses the word Allah for God ?

I remember the first time I found people insist on using Allah instead of God, it was in my high school English courses, I fist thought is was a joke. And it wasn't.