Monday, September 19, 2005

The day I crashed my car ....

Isn't that what we all supposed to do ? First we get born, then get schooled and eventually graduate .. With some luck you will have a nice job (or get used to the one u stuck in it), finally u should start saving money and buying "important stuff" like an apartment, car, ...Whatever your lifestyle and ambition afford/dictates so u could marry a nice/beautiful/proper girl and have children to repeat the above procedure ?

I was doing just that till one cool shiny day the most unexpected thing happened to me ........

maybe the turn was a little too steep, the speed was a little too high, the brakes were a little faulty .. Whatever, it still the same result, my car got crashed and I'm thankful I wasn't hurt

....... If u can't control your car's brakes then u can't control any thing else in your life .......

.......... How could this ever happen to me ? No ! Not me !!! I don't deserve it .........

the moment after the accident I was strangely aware, and strangely free .. As if that car (which I Loved BTW) was tying me down .. And finally it was gone .. I was truly free for a one glorious moment, there between all that broken glass and twisted metal (pun intended !!) .. It was as if u live ur life dreading and fearing something and ur fear is limiting ur freedom, but finally when that thing actually happens u find that it wasn't too bad, and u spent ur life fearing something that isn't even really there (I'm not talking about car accidents here)

It is about control, right ?? This is man's greatest opposition ! Being in control , we all trying our best to BE IN CONTROL OF OUR LIVES .. But u know what ? We are not in control ! At least as far as the physical world in concerned, we can't control a damn thing not even one car .. And we better understand that and be happy about it !

... life truly isn't about control .. it is about Love
... life truly isn't about control .. it is about happiness
... life truly isn't about control .. it is about life
life is about that cute little kid who only cares about playing and playing then finally more playing

My point is ?? When u r riding the car of ur life try ur best to steer and control it wisely, but when u don't, don't panic .. This can happen to any one (it sure happened to me , LOL) just get up as soon as u can, get that crashed car a fix, then hop in and continue driving (or pretend-to-be-driving-while-u-are-not-really-in-control), but be sure about one thing : ENJOY YOUR RIDE COZ U R ONLY GETTING ONE

I'm thinking about opening a fund for fixing my car, all donations are gratefully accepted
or better yet, if u r interested in buying a great slightly used car .. Give me a call

any one happens to have a good book about car dynamics (ahm, just the Engineer in me wants to comprehend what actually happened)

P.S: that seat built is really a life saver, literary